Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thanks Craig!

Thank you for your testimony. Skaters like yourself are the reason we want to save this place.

Thank karma for good, FREE, OUTDOORS, skatable spots!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my name is phil poirier and i take care of sports marketing for oakley canada. I skate the big o alot and i would hate to see it disapear. I have talk to people here at oakley and i think we could get oakley involve with saving the big O. my e-mail is if any of you guys have any news regarding what oakley could do to get involve feel free to contact me directly.

cheers and lon live to the the big o

2:00 PM  
Blogger Cyriac said...

Sorry, I removed my first comment, to many errors in it. I try to write in english but I am still french!

What will be Montreal without the O, something like Mntreal...
It doesn't sound nice!

The O has to be maintain. There is not a lot of skate spot with such an history and social importance. The Big O unify people from all over the world.

I can't do a lot, but I send the news to a couple of skateshops here in France, they may had their comment... keep on fighting guys...

Cyriac (Nantes, France)

6:09 AM  
Anonymous christophe said...

spot legendaire ne doit pas mourir
je suis de tous coeur avec les riders de montreal pour le sauver
nantes france

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Mathieu Couture, I'm 29 Years old and I'm skateboarding
since I am 12. When I start skateboarding in the late 80 there was a
skateboard spot called the Big-0 just beside the olympic stadium. I was
living In Pointe-aux-Trembles and every times we where planing to go
over there for skateboard it was ,for us, a day like going to La Ronde.
We could of not pay that much at this time to go to La Ronde, so we
where going over there to make our summer way more fun. A day at the
Olympic stadium was beautiffull.

Now I'm a sports photographer, I have contract around the world and I
do a lot of skateboard pictures for magazine and companies. Every
professional skater of the world know the Big-o In Montréal. It is the
same atractions for theme. that The Biodôme. You remember when Montréal
shut down one of the best Vélodrôme of the world. Now what it is gonna
be? And then?

Her is some Pictures of people who came over Ontario, British-Colombia,
Alberta, Germany, and more to come and skate "THE" main skate
attraction in Québec. Don't let this go. Extremes sports have a great
place in our society. Just look at every commercial and add around
Montréal. Almost every big companie as an association with this kind of
Please keep it or move it. but don't destroy it.

From a kids who became a man and still loves skateboarding.

Mathieu Couture "

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Save the Olympic Stadium Half Pipe!!!!
I am formally writing this letter to reinforce this statement, which has already been made by many skateboarders within the Montreal area and beyond. While I support the idea to build the existing Olympic Stadium facilities to include a soccer stadium, I really feel that another issue is being overlooked—the Big O half pipe.
This structure, which was built into the grounds covering the existing track and field facility has become known the world over as a unique and classic skateboarding spot upon which thousands of skateboarders from all over the world have to come to ride. To destroy it would be a tragedy and a great loss to the world skateboarding community. If there is any way that it can be saved, or even moved, something must be done. The Big O half pipe is a legend, and while I am an avid soccer fan who would love to soccer's popularity increase in Montreal, destroying another landmark to further that end just wouldn't be right.

Save the Olympic Stadium Half Pipe!!!!

Jay Revelle

Montreal, Canada
August 2006

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The raddest and gnarliest skaters are always there. For the pure enjoyment of it all. SKATE OR DIE!!! FELIX, GREASE AND THE BOYS Ottawa loves you man.

Ricky(guy in sabbath tshirt)


6:24 PM  

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